Sports Infra

SPORTZTREE is emerging as a pioneer in providing the best Sports Infrastructure Solutions in India. The company is working towards developing a world-class sports infrastructure, in collaboration with Many players. SPORTZTREE expertise spreads across entire sports spectrum and it is our continuous effort to grow bigger & better.


SPORTZTREE can provide artificial turf surfaces for club, Schools, Colleges. We make sure that the field is tested after the pitch installation. We also carry out ball-to-surface interaction and the player-to-surface interaction tests on the field. 


Acrylic flooring is suitable for sports such as basketball. The flooring looks aesthetic and is available at an affordable costing. Longevity of an acrylic sports flooring is more compared to liquid applied cushioning system which loses its resilience over time because of consistent wear & tear. 


Choosing the right flooring option is a very important aspect of sports infrastructure. Technologies have been developed to improve the flooring solutions that are safe and less harsh on players. Sportztree helps you to acheive this objective by providing cushioned synthetic courts that can be installed without any civil work. 


 Sportztree comprises of immense experience in offering Gym Flooring Construction Service made of high-quality materials. Our products are available in various standard and customized forms reducing the impact on the knees, feet, and ankles. Our products have proven strength, durability, and consists of selected tones of EPDM rubber granules. 

KIDS park

 Sportztree offers an excellent quality rubber flooring for kids play area. We have worked on various parks, schools and other recreational & commercial areas where the children are to be kept engaged as well as entertained. Sportztree takes pride in bringing the perfect solution for kids play area as our installations are apt for safe, interactive & fun kids zone.